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What To Expect

Everyone responds to treatment differently. Some patients feel instant relief from symptoms and others do not. We know that some symptoms may increase while others decrease, as the body lets go of painful restrictions and adjusts to those changes.

Balance Bodyworks Integrated Therapy's treatments are a unique blending of hands-on myofascial release treatment in combination with stabilization and movement therapies, relaxation training, mind/body awareness, movement unwinding, emotional release and creative/intuitive development sessions.  

  • You will release pain, stress, and tension.
  • You will feel lighter and able to move with greater comfort. 
  • Your health will be restored and vitality renewed.
  • You will learn how to tune in and listen to the wisdom within your own body to keep your mind/body healthy.
  • You will let go of your body's limitations to allow the unfolding of your potential.
  • You will be able to deal with life more effectively.

We are highly skilled practitioners and will provide you with comprehensive evaluation and ongoing assessment making sure your goals are addressed and your needs are met.  We provide one-on-one, individualized sessions.  We intuitively approach your body by using gentle pressure as we feel for strain and take the body into the direction of ease and follow. Sometimes a patient will ‘unwind’ and move spontaneously. If this happens we follow, assist, and keep you safe as your body goes into positions in space where trauma/fascial restrictions, also known as still points, are being held. Not all patients will move during treatment. Some just relax and enjoy feeling strain release from their bodies and others fall asleep.

We ask that you think of the layers of trauma in your body like an onion. As babies, we have little onions or 'scallions' already in the system which assures us that treatment as a newborn is ideal.  As adults, our onions have many layers and during treatment, different layers are peeled back and released. These layers do not go chronologically so experiences from any point in life may come up during treatment.


Usually patients feel great after treatment, but there may be times when your body responds in soreness. As the fascia system is opened in treatment, circulation will often increase oxygen and nutrients in the system. We encourage that you keep a journal and tell us of sore areas or changes in symptoms.  Emotions may arise during or after treatment, which may be an important part of your process.  We can help you with natural suggestions for detox, suggest that you hydrate with plenty of water and healthy, living foods.  

When we have a session with newborns and children the treatment tends to look a little different. We welcome and encourage parent's participation and arrange for co-treatment.  We follow The Gillespie Approach which is also called CFT Craniosacral Fascial Therapy. We feel for strain in the system and gently guide release of the strain (that develops into childhood and long-term conditions including colic, reflux, gas, constipation, earaches, neurological dysfunctions, autism, and learning disabilities). Some children are content being moved around, some find it fun to move around, some become fussy, and some just fall asleep.  

At your initial visit, and periodically thereafter, we will discuss your goals and evaluate how we will all  work together to bring you into balance.  


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