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Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions will a newborn or child need?

Treatment plans vary according to unique strain patterns so it is best to plan on 5-6 sessions initially.  Usually treatment begins with several weekly sessions, and continues with periodic maintenance visits according to their individual needs.

How can I best prepare for a pediatric session?

Plan meals or snacks (other than liquids or breastfeeding) before or after the session time.  Bring all children in loose, comfortable, modest clothing or bring elastic waist pajama type clothing along.  Babies and smaller children benefit from the company of a favorite blanket or toy to help make them more comfortable.

Will my baby or toddler cry during a session?

The techniques are far too gentle and mild to cause pain so crying is likely due to confusion or frustration in a new environment.  Crying is more likely during treatment in children under the age of 4 years.  Parents are encouraged to comfort, nurse, and/or lovingly distract their child during treatment to convey the necessary sense of trust required for the treatment to be accomplished.  Parents are empowered to communicate to the therapist if their child wants or needs a break during the session and can assume control of the pace of the session.  

How long is a pediatric session?

Total time of actual treatment is between 45 and 60 minutes, with possible breaks every 10-15 minutes and varies with each session and each individual.  Please allow extra time for your initial appointment.

How do I prepare for an adult session?

Please wear or bring comfortable clothing.  For men, elastic waist shorts and women may bring a loose fitting tank top or sport bra and elastic waist shorts.  You will be given the option of a heated table pad, sheets, and blankets.  Please do not use or apply scented products or essential oils because our office space is free of WiFi, chemical-free, and scent-free in an effort to respect the health of patients with high levels of sensitivities.  

Do you take insurance and what type of payment is accepted?

Cash is the accepted form of payment. Insurance billing is not available at this time.   


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