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What sets you apart?

Our treatments are unique in that The Gillespie Approach specifically revolves around the evaluation and treatment of the patient’s craniosacral fascial system. This system has three important aspects: craniosacral, fascial, and oropharyngeal.

By 1975 Dr. Gillespie had completed four years of dental and two years of periodontal and TMJ specialty education, which gave him a firm scientific background in the oropharyngeal area. In the late 1970s Dr. Gillespie began his cranial training in applied kinesiology with Dr. George Goodheart. He then studied the cranial osteopathic principles under Dr. Viola Frymann who learned directly from Dr. William Sutherland, the discoverer of cranial motion. When Dr. Gillespie moved to Philadelphia in 1983, he worked with John Barnes P.T., the creator of myofascial release, for about ten years. In the 1980s Dr. Gillespie saw the great value of combining the craniosacral, fascial, and oropharyngeal concepts into one approach.

Some people do great craniosacral work, which treats part of the craniosacral fascial system. Some people do effective myofascial therapy, which treats part of this system. Some dentists do fine TMJ work, which treats part of this system. At Balance Bodyworks Integrated Therapy, we use The Gillespie Approach as it evaluates and treats the entire system. The GA recognizes the importance of the breathing brain, unrestricted fascia, and healthy oropharyngeal physiology. To fully understand a nursing issue as a lactation consultant, a speaking condition as a speech therapist, a malocclusion as an orthodontist, or a TMJ problem as a dentist, you must understand the oropharyngeal aspect of the craniosacral fascial system.

Our office is chemical free, essential oils, scented cleaning products, or scented personal care products.  Please respect that many of our patients are highly sensitive and do not apply these types of products when you are coming into our office space.  

Where are you located?

We see people in Wheaton Illinois, St Charles Illinois and when visiting family in Ithaca New York. 

What should I wear for bodywork sessions? 

Because myofascial release should ideally be done on skin, it is preferred that you are comfortably dressed. A tank top and elastic waist shorts or workout pants are fine so that the legs can be worked on without moving around sheets. Some wear a bathing suit or undressed to their level of comfort with sheets covering and being undraped to work on different areas of the body. It all depends on how you will be comfortable. Men are asked to bring elastic waist shorts.

You have the option to undress to your level of comfort as you will be draped with a sheet.

Children should wear clothing that is easy to move in, preferably a t-shirt and elastic waist shorts or pants.

How many treatments will I need?

Everyone is different and has their own restrictions and healing journey to experience.

Newborns are treated until we determine that there is no more strain left in the system.This is typically anywhere from 6-15 treatments. After the initial treatments, they may be brought in again after any accidents, traumas or vaccines.

As children get older, more treatment may be necessary.

For adults, it isn’t quite that simple since years and years of trauma (whether it be physical, emotional, spiritual) can require regular treatment for a longer period of time.  Having more frequent treatments usually results in faster progress. When you are maintaining and feeling better, treatments can be spaced further apart.  You are welcome to schedule an 'intensive' series of appointments and we recommend co-treatment sessions as often as possible. 

For people of any age, we will discuss a treatment plan upon initial evaluation and treatment.

What is your cancelation policy?

Since your time is set aside for you, we request a courtesy 24 hour notice to change or cancel any appointment. 

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