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We look forward to providing the healing art of touch to provide physiotherapy to help you achieve your goals and enhance your ability to return to a pain free, active lifestyle. 

Using a combination of myofascial release, soft tissue mobilization, and craniosacral fascial therapy we address::

All Ages:    
Back pain Chronic pain Stress and tension related problems
Headaches Sports injuries Carpal tunnel
Whiplash Disc problems Low Back pain
Pelvic pain Migraines TMJ dysfunction
Neck pain Pre and Post Surgical Rehabilitation Scar Tissue
Shoulder pain Fibromyalgia Chronic Fatigue /Inflammation/Pain Syndromes
Sciatica Plantar fasciitis Osteoarthritis
Tennis elbow Shin splints Sleep issues
Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) Adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder) Restriction of motion
PTSD Orthopedic problems Post surgical dysfunction
Adhesions Rehabilitation Trigeminal neuralgia
Marfans & Ehlers Danlos Lyme Disease & Co-infections Emotional difficulties, Depression, Anxiety


Allergies Sleep disorders
Ear Infections Autism
ADD ADHD  Concussion
Depression Strabismus
Learning disorders Sinus conditions
Anxiety Bedwetting


Inability to latch on Napping issues (Tongue-tied) ankyloglossia
Difficulty sucking Torticollis Infantile disorders
Difficulty swallowing CNS disorders Traumatic brain injuries 
Reflux Pyloric stenosis Neuromuscular or immune disorders
Colic Stridor  
Constipation/gas Clubfoot  


Women's Health:    
Vulvodynia Urinary frequency/incontinence/urgency Pudendal nerve entrapment
Intestinal cystitis Problematic breast implant/reduction scars Endometriosis
Mastectomy pain Hysterectomy scars Coccydynia
Menstrual problems Episiotomy scars Infertility problems
Painful intercourse Pelvic floor pain/dysfunction Lymphedema
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