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Targeting LYME Disease

We are continually gathering information, researching, and compiling information to help educate and support in prevention and management of Lyme Disease & Co-Infections.  

We have attended Lyme Symposiums that offer remarkable educational opportunities to learn from some of the country's most experienced practitioners in the treatment of tick-borne illnesses. In epidemic proportion, our patients and their families are affected by Lyme disease and its co-infections, suffering debilitating and life-altering symptoms.  We are encouraged by their results and have been helped in gaining a more comprehensive understanding of Lyme disease and common co-infections, important diagnostic tools, and the most advanced integrative treatment options.  

Some of the topics covered:

  • The basics of homeopathic therapy targeted specifically to support patients with Lyme disease
  • Skills for diagnosing, identifying, and assessing patients with an emphasis on symptom relief
  • Clinical strategies for each of the body's organ systems that may be affected
  • Possible strategies for co-infections
  • An integrative approach to controlling symptoms of Lyme disease that combines homeopathy, nutrition, and the fundamentals of oriental medicine

Our goal is to help inform and support you, equip you with prevention tools, and bring guidance to those dealing with chronic issues.


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