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"Susan made such a difference with my newborn son, I'm so glad to have found her. We had taken our son to his pediatrician initially. They diagnosed him with torticollis and prescribed physical therapy. Even though the doctor said his torticollis was not severe, she still felt it was necessary to start a rigorous physical therapy routine. I disagreed and began looking into alternatives. My main concern was the root of all his symptoms. He was born extremely fast, my labor was under two hours and was a very large baby, it seemed very traumatic for him. After telling this to Susan she knew exactly what to do. She worked so well with him, she was gentle, understanding and patience; All the things a good care provider should be. Within weeks I noticed a huge difference in him. After only three sessions his head tilt was almost completely gone and the bones on the top of his head which were misaligned straightened out. There was no more colic, fussiness, spitting up or irritability. Susan is a miracle worker. If it wasn't for her I would have spent many more weeks or even months with a fussy uncomfortable baby. Thank you Susan for all your help, you are very gifted!" -Danielle

"After a car accident, I had trouble holding a chiropractic adjustment. My chiropractor recommended Myofascial Release at Balance Bodyworks. Myofascial Release worked wonders for me. The accident is now in the distant past, but I continue to get Myofascial Release treatments because of its positive effects. I highly recommend the expertise of Susan and Rebekah Tokarz!" -Laura

"Susan really has a way with babies, her approach just makes sense.  The way she handles babies, the way she's patient with them, it really makes a difference . You can literally watch your infant unravel and unwind all that tension in their little bodies while in her arms in a matter of minutes. It's simply amazing to watch. After only a few sessions with her all of my sons ailments had nearly disappeared. Now a few months later he couldn't be any more pleasant, he's just the happiest most comfortable baby and I attribute it all to the work Susan did with him." -Greg

"Rebekah and Susan have a gift of releasing my body of stress and pain. They identify and skillfully treat my problem areas. The benefit my body receives from Myofascial Release massage is wonderful. The character of this practice is professional with a degree of caring for my whole being." -Jody

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