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Welcome to Balance Bodyworks  ~~~   We strive to exceed your expectations in providing valuable holistic health care. We offer a unique integrative approach to manual physical therapeutic sessions and natural health consulting.    

Together we share a compassionate and innovative approach to health; educating and collaborating with you to address each unique imbalance, allowing you to transcend your chronic conditions with healing touch and supportive guidance.  We offer a unique integrated approach of therapeutic sessions, blending Myofascial Release and Craniosacral Fascial Therapy to help support your body's well-being and balance your system.  As Natural Health Care Practitioners, we strive to guide and assist you in reaching your optimal potential.

We welcome people of all ages in our private practice; no one is too young or too old.  Some come to us to maintain their healthy lifestyles and others come because they are dealing with chronic conditions. We are inspired to care for newborns as preventative pediatric care, applying the principles of The Gillespie Approach.  Children with special needs respond well to treatment.  We have advanced training in women's health and offer pregnancy and post-partum care.  Our unique approach is based on John F. Barnes (MFR) Myofascial Release, Lori Zeltwanger Z-Method Advanced Release Therapy, and Dr. Barry Gillespie Craniosacral Fascial Therapy (CFT).  


We see patients by appointment only.

Susan J Tokarz  LMT, NHC       ~~~   847-514-4504   ~~~

Rebekah J Kopko LMT              ~~~  847-651-2548  



Together, we blend our hands and hearts as we become part of your healing journey.

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